Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Haunted Savannah
Welcome to one of the most haunted cities in the world, and, according to many -- the most haunted city in the United States. Savannah is also the largest urban landmark historic district in the United States -- with over 400 antebellum buildings, many of them haunted,  most all of them saved by a strong local tradition of historians, historic preservationists, and longtime community patrons. To these and other Savannahians past and present do we owe the privilege of residing in, investigating, and reporting on the nature and magnitude of hauntings in the most haunted city in the U.S. -- Savannah, Georgia. 

Emerging Threads explore Savannah's diverse range of "presence(s)" -- ghosts and all the others. Savannah history you've never heard before -- deep, dark, and unsettling --especially at night -- and the historical Mysteries looming behind Savannah hauntings. Other threads explore Place Memories, the practices of the West African Gullah-Geechee people whose personal histories rival the tribulations of Job.  Explore the African Root-Voodoo tradition in Savannah alongside supernatural Savannah Irish, German, French, and Yamacraw Creek Indian beliefs and practices in what we call The Supernatural. A discussion of the most effective means for detecting a Presence -- including a wide range of opinions about paranormal investigation and exploration, the relationship between the perceiver ("us) and the perceived ("them"). Other threads track TAPS , Ghost Adventures, and other Savannah ghostly episodes, input from an  entirely memorable cast of characters here in the Savannah “paranormal scene” and other friends of Savannah Ghosts around the world.

Exclusive access to the 2nd floor of Savannah's famed 17Hundred90, where the ghost of Anna haunts the 2nd floor hallway and -- according to many past guests of the inn, particularly likes room 204.

At 9 pm each evening Savannah Ghost Tours explore the Moon River Brewery -- formerly the Old City Hotel, built in the 1820's -- a place that shadows a violent and bloody past.

stay tuned -- its the best way to fly down here.


  1. The darkness in golden gods can lead them down paths where only more darkness awaits. And then their branches become so entangled as to be virtually inseparable from the devouring darkness.

  2. During this week in 1779 the retreating French armies and navies were still reeling from the brutal Battle of Spring Hill Redoubt in Savannah, the second bloodiest battle in the American Revolution. French blood spilled on Savannah soil. May their spirits that linger on and near the Battlefield in these hours find Peace and Recognition by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. More to follow.

  3. On the 14th of October, 1779, after the Battle of Spring Hill Redoubt in Savannah, Georgia, the second bloodiest battle in the American Revolution, the ghosts on the battlefield still lingered in shallow graves that stretched from Spring Hill down haunted Liberty Street and Skidaway into their ships on haunted St. Augustine Creek. After leaving a trail of bodies dead and wounded the French sailed away in apparant defeat. Yet, French blood was spilled on American soil for the Ghosts of Liberty who still linger in the mists and vapours in the lowlands near the Battlefield.

  4. Announcing -- The Ghosts of the American Revolution and Ghosts of Civil War Savannah Tours begin this Halloween! Stay tuned for a major announcement as Savannah Ghost Walks debuts tours that GO INSIDE HAUNTED BUILDINGS!!! You won't even believe which exclusive ones we have lined up for you. Come celebrate the Season with Savannah Ghost Walks.

  5. Burial Grounds and Cemeteries -- Major Announcement Forthcoming regarding the exclusive CEMETERY and BURIAL GROUNDS tours that the new non-profit Savannah History Institute has arranged through special permission from the Dept of Cemeteries.